Saturday, 22 March 2014

Jawspring Sprung!

Photo - M.Ezra
Yesterday we celebrated World Poetry Day with a fantastic party at the Village Hall Gallery Wimbledon. The Gallery was packed out with artists, poets and culture vultures from all over the UK and further afield. For many of the poets it was the first time that they had seen what the artists had created from their written work. It was a chance to meet new people as well as catch up with friends.

Danish artist Eskild Beck and Nexus gallery owner Kent Lauritsen were the furthest travellers all the way from Aabenraa but as always celebrity splicer Melanie Ezra and sushi laureate Daniel Leek made the long journey from Swansea to be with us.

Gallery Manager -
Tahira Mandarino
A special thank you to the Merton Poets who treated us to a fabulous performance of their exhibition poems as well as one or two extra treats, Keith Drake in particular made a big splash with his homage to Marcel Duchamp. They were expertly corralled by fellow poet John Grant and filmed by Andy V Frost so we'll post some footage when it's been edited.

As an organiser it is hard to process the sentiments that rush through me at this time. It is with huge appreciation though that I say thank you, to all the people who were there, to those that believed in another project however harebrained and for making World Poetry Day 2014 a day to remember.


The Gallery with be open for two more days -
Saturday 22nd March - 11am to 4pm
Sunday 23rd March - 1 to 4pm

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Jawspring Exhibition : World Poetry Day

Jawspring Poster
A real team effort from Bryan Benge, Dean Reddick, Dawes Gray, Maryam Mazraei and myself has prepared us for the opening of the Jawspring exhibition tomorrow morning.

The exhibition poster (left) is safely slotted into our A-frame board and the 35 sushi laureates have pride of place in three bespoke display cases.

Dean Reddick and
Bryan Benge
We hope you'll be able to come along on Friday 21st March from 6-8pm to help celebrate World Poetry Day but just in case you can't I've posted some photos of the Village Hall Gallery below.

The Gallery will be open at other times too, so please come along and say hello. I'll be there every day, busily making sushi out of recycled materials.

Opening Times:
Wednesday 19th: 11am-1pm
Thursday 20th: 1-4pm
Friday 21st: 4-8pm
Saturday 22nd: 11am-4pm
Sunday 23rd: 1-4pm

Sara Lerota/Ann Vaughan-Williams (Top Left)
Melanie Ezra/Tony Josolyne (Top right)
Francesca Cantioni/Humphrey Aylwin Selfe
(Bottom right)
Alban Low/Jane Barton (bottom right)
We're very fortunate that the Merton Poets will be giving a poetry performance from 7pm in the adjoining room on the night itself. Come and meet the poets and many of the artists too, share a glass of wine and take home a sushi poem for a very affordable £1.

Sushi Laureates
Look forward to seeing you there.


(from left) Bryan Benge, Eskild Beck, Siobhan Tarr,
 Renata Szur & Wayne Sleeth

(From right) Maryam Mazraei, Ella Penn, Stuart Simler
(On the plinth) Robert Good
(Sculpture) Wojciech Antoni Sobczynski

(from right) Dawes Gray, Shona Davies and Dave Monaghan,
Alban Low & Tahira Mandarino

Dean Reddick's work inspired by poet John Grant

(From left) Ann Kopka, Philp J Deed,
and Carolina Khouri