Sushi Laureates

The wider poetic public were invited to join the exhibition by submitting haikus or poems that were no more than 80 Characters in length. These were then printed onto model sushi and displayed in the Village Trust Gallery, Wimbledon, UK. If you would like to become a sushi laureate then visit the Submit Poems page.

Below in alphabetical order are the names of our Sushi Laureates and if you click on their names you will find their websites and poems.

Artep Avordno - Poem
Becky Lowe - Haiku
Bright Redgrave - Souls Journey
D.Molloy - Short Poem
Dan Leek - Poem
Darren Atkinson - Procrastination Haiku
Debbie AlamĂ©-Jones - In The Silent Room‏
Diane Taber - Haiku
Ed Arantus - Smug
Effra Aye-Maung-Hider - Haiku
Francesca Albini - Haiku
Georgia Cotter - Haiku
Jennifer Ada - Poem
Jessamy Low - Moustache Tickler
Jovana Mitic - Poem
Judith Parry - Haiku
Julie Reay - Haiku
Karen Harvey - The Death of Friendship
Kato Catling - Poem
Kevin Acott - Health
Leila coward - Haiku
Marilou Loulou - Poem
Mark Carr - Poem
Melody Clarke - Romancing the stoned
Milos Rankovic - Poem
Natalie Low - Haiku
Natie Marie - Haiku
Paul Jerram - Poem
Paul Matosic - Poem
Penny Parr - Haiku
Peter Turton - Haiku
Roshni Dhanjee - Haiku
Ruth Payne - Haiku
Stella Tripp - Poem
Waynes Sleeth - Haiku

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