25 artists were selected to be part of this exhibition
Below is the a list of the artists and which poem/poet they have been inspired by. Click on their names to link to their websites.

1. Carolina Khouri - 'Harvesting' by Alec Linstead
2. Stuart Simler - 'Part of the Crew' by Gerald Hildreth
3. Tahira Mandarino 'The Creature' by George MacGillivray
4. Dean Reddick - 'The Mighty Oak' by John Grant
5. Bryan Benge - 'Something Inside' by Andy V Frost
6. Mark Lomax - '2,000Miles on a Motorcycle, Why?' by Andy V Frost
7. Wayne Sleeth - 'Bird Brain' by Rosanne Gomez
8. Sara Lerota - 'Granny K at the Laurels' by Ann Vaughan Williams
9. Siobhan Tarr - 'Frogger' by Robin Vaughan Williams
10. Eskild Beck - 'LOVELIFE' by Patrick McManus
11. Melanie Ezra - 'The Genteel Earth-Pig' by Tony Josolyne
12. Robert Good - 'Tapestry' by Patrick McManus
13. Monika Fischbein - 'Recipe Trans Delicacy' by Jo Silver
14. Maryam Mazraei - 'Margaret of Pwllmeyric' by Jane Barton 
15. Steve Rosenthal - 'Show Time' by George MacGillivray
16. Shona Davies & Dave Monaghan Drip by Russell Thompson
17. Ella Penn - 'Queen Canute' by Christine Sherlock
18. Dawes Gray  'Reasonable Force' by Tony Josolyne
19. Renata Szur - 'Being Badly Behaved' by Jo Silver
20. Wojciech Antoni Sobczynski / WAS - 'Little Red' by Lesley Rootham
21. Bill Mudge - 'Folly' by Russell Thompson
22. Francesca Centioni - 'To Dawn' by Humphrey Aylwin Selfe
23. Phil Deed - 'Eating Ghosts' by Robin Vaughan-Williams
24. Ann Kopka - 'Oracle' by John Grant
25. Alban Low - 'Christmas Card' by Keith Drake
and 'Come Out and Play' by Jane Barton 

 'I Hate Shopping' by  Ann Vaughan Williams

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