The Poets who will be creating the first phase of the exhibition are all from the Wimbledon and Merton Poetry Group. They meet at the Raynes Park Methodist Church at 8pm on the first Tuesday of the month. Holding a workshop to read and discuss original poetry with other aspiring poets.

In December 2013 I visited the group and asked them to submit their poems to the exhibition.Each poem was given to an artist in January 2014, who created a visual response. The artists had one month in which to complete their artwork. You can see the results of this collaboration by visiting the JawSpring Exhibition, where Poetry and Art will be exhibited alongside one another.

Wimbledon and Merton Poets contact: Russell Thompson
Telephone: 07969 597 967
Email: zznsh@yahoo.co.uk

The Poets
Robin Vaughan-Williams
Andy V Frost
Patrick McManus
John Grant
Ann Vaughan-Williams
Tony Josolyne
Rosanne Gomez
George MacGillivray
Alec Linstead
Jo Silver
Gerald Hildreth
Christine Sherlock
Lesley Rootham
Keith Drake
Humphrey Aylwin Selfe
Jane Barton
Russell Thompson

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