Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Leila Coward - Reflective waves

Untitled by Leila Coward
courtesy of www.leilacoward.co.uk/
Welcome to Jawspring, the exhibition that is celebrating World Poetry Day on the 21st March by fusing Art and Poetry.

Leila Coward is another of our Sushi Poets who doesn't let genre boundaries get in the way of her creativity. Apart from ceramics, painting, stained glass, weave, print, multi-media art and teaching with children, young people and adults she now reinforces her Poetry credentials with today's Jawspring offering. Coward is no stranger to literary gems, her Treeworks series combine porcelain and natural materials with a delicate literary surprise hidden within many of the artworks. "I chose the tree as a symbol of the strength of nature and the cycle of life." She explains, "The light inside it is a metaphor for the energy that exists in all-living things.". Today while the floods across the UK lap at our feet it is Coward herself that provides us with the light and the hope....................

Undulating waves,
Freedom within the deep blue,
Reflection of self.

Leila Coward's
Sushi Haiku
We have printed her poem onto this model sushi and will be exhibiting it at the Village Hall Gallery from the 19th-24th March 2014. If you would like to join us, please send a haiku or poem (less than 80 characters) to me Alban at albanlow@hotmail.com or tweet  @albanart
Full details are on our submit poems page.

All these Sushi Laureates can be found on their designated page.

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