Saturday, 18 January 2014

Jessamy Low - Moustache tickler

Welcome once again to the JawSpring exhibition and another Sushi Laureate. This time a haiku from closer to home.

George Low and moustache
Apart from being a talented artist, writer and sportswoman Jessamy Low also has the dubious pleasure of being my daughter. Whether she likes it or not she has exhibited her artwork on magnets in Brighton, Nottingham, Bath and at Gallery 89 in Barnet. Her Owl sculpture had pride of place in the quirky Walthamstow exhibition HideBird during the E17 Festival in 2012.

Like all good creative minds she has drawn her inspiration from the world around her and this time it is her Grandpa who has been her muse. George Low has always been an instantly recognisable character from his local High Street to the boozy journalistic haunts he frequents. Jessamy could have written about his double life as one of the OAP Village People (right) but it was his trademark moustache that has caught her eye......

Catching like a net
But still warming lonely lips
Moustache sits awesome.

Jessamy Low
We have printed her poem onto this model sushi and will be exhibiting it at the Village Hall Trust Gallery from the 19th-24th March 2014. If you would like to join us, please send us a haiku or poem (less than 80 characters) to me Alban at or tweet  @albanart
Full details are on our submit poems page.
All these Sushi Laureates can be found on their designated page.


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