Sunday, 26 January 2014

Staring at Milos Rankovic

Milos Rankovic - Art
Welcome to Jawspring, the exhibition that is celebrating World Poetry Day on the 21st March by fusing Art and Poetry.

Today our Sushi Laureate is Milos Rankovic, an artist and poet who embraces the spirit of our World Poetry Day exhibition by reaching us via Bergen, Norway and a sojourn in Leeds, UK. We've been lucky enough to entice Rankovic into the magnetic art fold too, with three fascinating mega pixelated works ready to be exhibited on the streets of Bath, UK as part of the FAB Fridge exhibition in May.
Of course Rankovic isn't a stranger to an exhibition or two with a body of this work being presented at the Guggenheim, Chapman University. Stare too long at them and perhaps they help explain his JawSpring poem........

There's this moisture of the gaze,
the constant sweat of the hard-working eye.

We have printed his poem onto this model sushi and will be exhibiting it at the Village Hall Gallery from the 19th-24th March 2014. If you would like to join us, please send a haiku or poem (less than 80 characters) to me Alban at or tweet  @albanart
Full details are on our submit poems page.

All these Sushi Laureates can be found on their designated page.


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