Thursday, 30 January 2014

Julie Reay - Poetic Firebrand

Julie Reay's
Open Fridge Artwork
Welcome to Jawspring, the exhibition that is celebrating World Poetry Day on the 21st March by fusing Art and Poetry.

Julie Reay has been exhibiting with us since the Open Fridge Exhibition in 2010 (Gallery 89, Barnet). She has a keen eye for the poetic and political, and was drawn to our inclusive ideals, something which is close to her heart too. I first knew her as an elected  Councillor for Kingston Council in 1990's. Reay has since been appointed Chair of Kingston and Richmond Health Authority and is now a consultant to the voluntary sector and works for Unison in an acute hospital. I have always admired her passion and charisma which draws you close like a moth to a flame. Her poem is one of the shortest in the exhibition and is typically positive in light of the torrential rain that is presently the UK's unwelcome guest. I imagine Reay holding up the sky like Atlas on her beautiful shoulders.....

this fiery ribbon is holding up the rain

Julie Reay
Sushi Poem
We have printed her poem onto this model sushi and will be exhibiting it at the Village Hall Gallery from the 19th-24th March 2014. If you would like to join us, please send a haiku or poem (less than 80 characters) to me Alban at or tweet  @albanart
Full details are on our submit poems page.

All these Sushi Laureates can be found on their designated page.

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